Sunset Shuttle Taxi for Sakura Season


This Article is for the tourist of Mt. Shiude (Shiudeyama) for Sakura Season (3/23 ~ 4/10)

※Seisan Kanko Inc. operates bus and taxi services in Kagawa Prefecture mainly around west part of Kagawa.

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Everyone, are you looking forward to the Sakura season at Shiude (Shiudeyama)?

offcouse Yes and me too.


During the Sakura season, Mt. Shiude (Shiudeyama) is at its peak,

so there are many requlations to enjoy it.

In this article, we will introduce them for your best travel experience.

First Reservations available from March 4th

Reservations is available from March 4th.

Weekday visitors can choose to ride the Sunset Shuttle Taxi connecting Chichibugahama Beach to the summit of Mt. Shiude.

Taxis will run on a limited-time schedule during Sakura Season (Weekdays only March 23-April 10, 2024).

Seets is limited so please reserve early.

See the timetable via the link below.

Sunset Shuttle Taxi Timetable for Sakura Season

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Unfortunately, we do not have an English reservation form available; our system only supports Japanese at the moment.

However, we do provide an English guide for Sunset Shuttle Taxi reservations below.

Please Make Online Reservations Here

If you encounter any issues, please don’t hesitate to email us at the address below.

Route for Sunset Shuttle Taxi



JR Takuma Station → Chichibugahama Beach → Mt. Shiude

※JR: stands for Japan Rail


Mt. Shiude → Chichibugahama Beach → JR Takuma Station

About Sunset Shuttle Taxi Service

sunset shuttle

Sunset Shuttle Taxi(shared taxi) is a unique, reservation-based taxi-sharing service that operates on weekdays.

By consolidating the routes mentioned below, you can conveniently reach the summit of Mt. Shiude (Shiudeyama).

Simplify your journey by booking your ride to the summit in advance.

Information About Reservations(Important!!)

Please make sure you make Inbound and Outbound Reservation

The reservation system currently only permits the purchase of tickets for individual routes.

※ not for round trip ticket.

When making your reservation, please make sure to purchase tickets for both legs of your journey (outbound and inbound) to ensure a seamless experience.

4 separate purchases to complete your round trip

In order to purchase a round trip from JR Takuma Station to Mt. Shiude, you will need to purchase each leg of the journey separately.

This means that you will need to make 4 separate purchases to complete your round trip.

need your Katakana names

The online form only allows for the input of katakana for names.

If you do not know your name in katakana, you can find it using Google Translate.

You can make sure the details in final confirmation screen

You can confirm the details of your reservation and print them from the final confirmation screen after completing your purchase.

Sunset Shuttle Taxi may operate with buses instead of taxis.

Your taxi service may be conducted by a bus depending upon the number of reservations.

You may be asked to change vehicles at Chichibugahama.

Guests arriving from both JR Takuma Station and JR Kan-onji Station.

They will be gather at Chichibugahama Beach before continuing, so you may be asked to change vehicles at this point.

Staff will be on hand to guide you in this case.

Reservations are accepted until 10am on the day of the reservation.

Reservations are accepted both online and by phone until 10am on the day of the reservation.

※ We recommend making reservations before the day of your trip, if possible.

Please inform the driver of your name with printed copy

When you arrive for your share taxi,

Please inform the driver of the name on your reservation or give them a printed copy of your order confirmation.

Contact Here


If you encounter any confusion or difficulties in making your reservation, please contact the email below:


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